About I-SSDC

In a developing country like India Skill Development is an extremely crucial area of concern for technological self-reliance and innovation which ultimately leads to economic prosperity. Skill development in engineering, not just in India but is a concern worldwide.

Engineering community is depleting in the rest of the world except in China, due to several socioeconomic reasons. This goes to further emphasize the need for skill development in India as India possesses largest pool of qualified English speaking engineers, who could be trained to propel the economic progress of the country and provide competent engineering solutions to OEMs across the world.

This background motivates INNOVENT, to conceive a real time Skill Development Centre's across INDIA. The Centre will facilitate the development of engineering and technological skills with a twofold purpose.

  • Augment employability (with concurrent OEM requirements)
  • Augment simulation driven research

Skill Development Centre is a means to bridge the industry academia gap in mechanical engineering and allied sector and encourage simulation driven research to help the industry in the critical areas. The proposed Skill Centre will run simulation skill development programs for both students and faculty.

The make in India initiative of the government is directly linked to skill development as most of our research focus till date, has been limited to space and defense (ISRO, BARC, DRDO labs and others).

INNOVENT - ANSYS Authorized Simulation Skill Development Partner

INNOVENT Engineering Solutions headquartered in Bangalore is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for original creation of engineering programs, supply of simulation technology and engineering consultation. INNOVENT has international connectivity with NAFEMs and national connectivity with NASSCOM.

INNOVENT has the pedigree of successfully building the simulation culture and sustaining it with continuous support across the Indian academia including IISc, IIT's & NIT's. We also provide certification programs for young engineers on some of the frontier areas of engineering and technology such as: composites, advanced vibrations, rotor dynamics, fatigue & fracture, non-linear analysis, joint technology and turbulence.

Our Mission

To empower young engineers for challenges of the Engineering industry and the top research organizations of India.

I-SSDC Centre's will provide

I-SSDC Centre's will ensure a fully furnished well equipped offices, Lecture & Lab room with overhead projector & other minimum requirements for training.

I-SSDC Centre's will ensure 2 trained Trainers trained & certified by INNOVENT exclusively for ANSYS training appointed in the pay rolls of the I-SSDC Centre.

INNOVENT will provide

Min 5 / 10 / 25 LEASED one year ANSYS Academic Teaching Mechanical Licenses with 256000 nodes limitation or ANSYS Academic Teaching CFD Licenses with 512000 nodes limitation which can be accessed by I-SSDC Centre absolutely free for training ONLY on the CATEGORY which the I-SSDC Centre chooses.

ng ANSYS Tool Training Material / online test on course completion / INNOVENT Certificate for trainee.

Authorize "Innovent name and logo" to be used in sign boards & advertising materials and in I-SSDC Centre's official documents and website as approved by Innovent.

Limited on line support for the trainers of I-SSDC Centre on Basic tool Training, support in respect of any student projects or outside the Basic course structure will not be entertained.


Licenses will be in the name of "I-SSDC" and licenses will be issued on the server details given by the I-SSDC.

Licenses as requested either Mechanical OR CFD will be installed online at the I-SSDC Centre.

Licenses will be a 1-year Leased License either for Mechanical or CFD of 5/10/25 users with a node limitation of 256000 nodes for Mechanical & 512000 nodes for CFD & renewed on the 11th month.

Licenses issued is for teaching students at the registered place of I-SSDC Centre only.

Licenses cannot be taken out of the office of I-SSDC Centre for teaching or using the license at any univ./ College for training on ANSYS.

The agreement & license issued is for the particular address mentioned in the license/agreement form.

I-SSDC Centre will not train ANSYS in any univ. college without the written permission of ANSYS/Innovent.

I-SSDC Centre can take up training of ANSYS only if the college is a customer & have valid licenses for ANSYS on written approval from ANSYS/INNOVENT.

Licenses cannot be transferred to any other person or I-SSDC Centre.

Course Kits & Certificate

I-SSDC Centre will pay INNOVENT per candidate towards course Kit & Certification a fee of Rs. 1,500/- (One Thousand Five Hundred) + applicable Taxes. A minimum of 25 kits (Twenty-Five) have to be purchased along with enablement fee and there after.

Course Content

  • Downloadable ONLY Basic Training PPT's in the form of PDF all other materials will be accessed online only.
  • Basic Training and workshops (step by step) material will be ONLINE and will also contain the Basic Training PPT used for training the students.
  • Total of 25 workshops with step by step procedure.
  • 15 Assignments to create a strong foundation in learning the simulation tool to solve engineering problems.
  • Students to download free Academic version of ANSYS with 32000 nodes for completing workshops & practice small projects and to get familiar with the GUI.
  • The course material is made available online for a period of 6 months to the trainee from the start date of training.


Students on completion of assignments with the student version of the software, can chose any date comfortable to them & within 30 days of training completion for an online test.

E-Certificate of course completion will be issued to the trainee's

Training will be done by I-SSDC Centre�s Engineer

Training will be done by I-SSDC Centre. INNOVENT will not be involved in the training. In cases where I-SSDC Centre wants INNOVENT Team to train in person by sending a technical person or through Online LIVE. INNOVENT will charge on mutual agreement and case to case basis.

In the case of Corporate Training the training will be done by INNOVENT ENGINEERS ONLY and the revenue will be shared as I-SSDC : INNOVENT = 20 : 80. On case to case basis on agreeable cost/minimum number of trainee for corporate training.

Any other type of revenue sharing not mentioned here will be mutually discussed and settled.

I-SSDC Centre Staff Training

Innovent will be responsible for training 2 (Two) I-SSDC Centre staff at Rs. 25,000 + Taxes per person for a period of 5 days. Additional/upgrade training will be done through online session free of cost as & when is required after mutual discussions.

Other Expenses

Publicity Expenses in this region shall be borne by the I-SSDC Centre.

INNOVENT will not be liable for any expenses incurred by I-SSDC Centre towards, marketing/training/publicity materials etc. or any other expenses without the written approval by the CMD of INNOVENT.

All payments to Innovent will be 100% along with the PO.

ATC Pricing


Annual Leased I-SSDC Enablement Fee for 5 users Ansys Academic Teaching Mechanical licenses with 256000 node limit or CFD licenses with 512000 node limit.

Rs. 1,00,000/- Plus applicable taxes. Must train minimum of 100 students in a year.


Annual Leased I-SSDC Enablement Fee for 10 users Ansys Academic Teaching Mechanical licenses with 256000 node limit or CFD licenses with 512000 node limit.

Rs. 1,60,000/- Plus applicable taxes. Must train minimum of 200 students in a year.


Annual Leased ATC Enablement Fee for 25 users Ansys Academic Teaching Mechanical licenses with 256000 node limit or CFD licenses with 512000 node limit.

Rs. 2,00,000/- Plus applicable taxes. Must train minimum of 300 students in one year.

Hardware Requirements

  • 1 CPU with 4 physical cores
  • 8GB RAM (minimum)
  • 500GB+ hard drive space
  • Workstation graphics card
  • OS: Windows 7/10 or RedHat Linux

Sample Certificates

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