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Two decades of engineering expertise led us to conceive a unique engineering math program (Currently aligned to VTU Syllabi)

M1, M2, M3 & M4 with their prerequisites, model paper Solutions, concept assessments, critical thinking situations and more...

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The Company

INNOVENT, with a rich background of two decades in engineering consultation and capability building, has heralded a new online learning culture that is set to revolutionize engineering learning among various members of engineering fraternity. This is meant for students, young researchers and faculty. The new capability building is incepted with mathematics keeping in mind the current technology practices and new product development.

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Why are we different?

Components of learning
Pedagogical innovation
  1. Incept from plus 2 fundamentals
  2. Physical comprehension
  3. Quiz and critical thinking situations for better concept registration
  4. Large number of solved university problems
  5. Elegant problem solving : Non textbook methods.
  6. Summaries at every critical learning juncture
  7. Assessments
  1. Narrate the math-tale via pictures and graphs.
  2. One concept many perspectives
  3. Purpose definition (engineering relevance)
  4. Graphs, animations, and images for enhanced concept visualization!!
  5. Automated XLS’s for concept testing and verification!!
  6. Concept simplification, jogging and memory structure!!


INNOVENT is one of those pioneer thinkers  to conceive the need for strong engineering culture in India. We strongly believe that, to sow the seeds of engineering culture it is imperative that we establish a strong mathematical base!.

Math resources are available in abundance on both on web as well as in the form of text books but we make a significant difference to math learning with revolutionizing pedagogical techniques that are first in the math learning, ( result of our sustained learning innovation) and mapping  everything to engineering. We also work on organic traits by introducing critical thinking situations and an exclusive section devoted for research aptitude.   Comprehensive engineering learning series to be launched after the math series.

In order to make it a one stop solution the series is designed to address the university curriculum, GATE , research interviews and competency to peruse higher engineering literature the course has exclusive sections addressing the above said requirements.

We not just emphasise a strong base in linear algebra, calculus , statistics and probability relevant to AI and data analytics but also differential equations, vector calculus, calculus of variation, transform theory, numerical methods and complex analysis.

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