About Course

Holistic Engineering Finishing School for Industries and Academic Avenues is a job enabled course that is built conforming to national occupations standards defined in the quality pack (NSQF level 7 ) that complies with the guidelines of sector skill council of NASSCOM. The recruitment facilitation is a part of the course certification process.

Course design

In the era of Industrial internet of things and digital twin technology, the skill definition of a structural designer and an analyst for product development has undergone a paradigm shift. In this context, the course adopts a unique approach of building generalised proficiency in structural design and analysis with fundamental focus on stress and vibration for generalised mechanical design (aero, auto and general mechanical industry). The allied aspects of engineering design concept sketching, material selection, system design manufacture, assembly, reliability and sensitivity analysis are also addressed from a young designer /analyst perspective.

The course summary is as follows

Phases Phase Content Critical learning focus Engineering takeaways
Phase 1
  • 7 structural physics modules
    + basic simulation course.
    Course instructional material:
    Ebook – Fundamentals of stress and vibration
  • 49 mock interviews
  • 4 levels of assessments
Component design: Stress, stability
and vibration margins.
  • Engineering hand calculations
  • Ability to comprehend physics of the problem
  • Basic simulation culture
  • Physics based result interpretation
Phase 2
  • 7 physics pre-recorded webinars,
    8 design and manufacture webinar
    with 7 physics assessments.
    Course instructional material:
    Ebook – Engineering critical thinking
  • 140 OEM and Research assessments
Holistic engineering design: design,
manufacture, tolerance analysis probabilistic methods and sensitivity
  • Product development process.
  • System design
  • Material selection
  • Probabilistic design
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Risk management
Phase 3 (Free module)
  • Detailed lectures on ANSYS and space claim,
    making every tool facility familiar
    to the young learners.
  • Large number of demonstrations and
Stronger simulation culture : Result
interpretation and benchmarking, conceiving scope for optimisation
  • Bench marking results
  • Physical behaviour vs element behaviour
  • Understanding and implementing
    complex boundary conditions.
  • Conceiving optimisation scope
Phase 4
  • Webinars on various aspects of engineering and design process. Acclimatising
    an young engineer to OEM work culture
Communication and documentation:
How to communicate data, write reports,
understand policies, quality systems
and work efficiently
  • Business and technical reports
  • Quality systems
  • Knowledge managment
  • Organisation structure
  • Health and safety

Course audience

Holistic Engineering Finishing School for Industries and Academic Avenues is a course that is designed to address the requirements of a new product development. Therefore the course is ideal for highly motivated engineering students, research scholars and faculty who intend to take up engineering consultation. One of the unique features of the course is the trait evaluation. The traits evaluation such as visualisation, designer’s aptitude and critical thinking is perhaps the first such kind of evaluation in the country, which helps recruiters select the best engineers. Though the course is far advanced when compared to challenges of competitive exams such as GATE, IES and others, the concept maturity gained via the course helps manage these exams with great ease.

Course LRS (learning record store) system and certification.

The course has a state of the art learning measurement system. The system provides several performance metrics that are crucial to determine the quality of performance. The metrics include attempt history, relative performance (pan India), skill definition based on credits achieved. The LRS also monitors course attendance. Students, mentors and recruiters are provided separate logins to enable them to track different parameters of interest. Successful candidates are provided certification with detailed performance metrics. If the candidates wish to used employment facilitation, their resumes are shared with potential recruiters with all performance metrics.
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