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About Us

INNOVENT, with a rich background of two decades in engineering consultation and capability building, has heralded a new online learning culture that is set to revolutionize engineering learning among various members of engineering fraternity. This is meant for students, young researchers and faculty.

The most prestigious mission of INNOVENT is to build strong engineering culture at the grassroots level via unique online learning programs with state-of-the-art competency measurement methods. To realize this mission, INNVONET has launched a learning platform: “ENGGSKILLS”. The online learning platform is designed not only to ensure hassle free user experience but also consists of a world class LRS (Learning Record Store) system which tracks every competency parameter to ensure holistic evaluation, in line with industry expectations.

Headquartered in Bangalore, INNOVENT has knowledge partnered with other leading institutes of engineering excellence. INNOVENT was on the panel with sector skill council of NASSCOM for conceiving curriculum for aerospace industries comprising of structures and propulsion. Innovent has developed several engineering programs benefiting several corporate houses on aerostructures, composites, F and DT , engineering critical thinking and others. INNOVENT has consulted several OEM’S and research labs on various projects both on structural mechanics and fluid mechanics projects on design and analysis.

The journey has begun with a comprehensive program for designers and analysts for generalized mechanical structures. Innovent will soon be announcing comprehensive programs on CFD, Electromagnetics, control engineering and tailor-made math courses for machine learning and predictive analytics.

Our continuous research has led to several original pedagogies and unique trait evaluation methods that are crucial to identify critical learning gaps.

Who We Are

Innovent engineering solutions pvt ltd, has perceived the need for quality engineering learning by grasping the employability needs of the hour. Enggskills is the technology wing and the learning platform of Innovent. Our vision is pragmatic and is attributed to the pedigree of EnggSkills in engineering consultancy and product development.

We have brought about a paradigm shift in engineering learning via innovative pedagogical practices to uplift the engineering culture at the grass root level. We achieve the learning excellence by recasting engineering fundamentals from the contemporary product development perspective.

What We Do?

Innovent incepts the journey of reaching engineering excellence to every part of India by launching its first set of courses on “Holistic engineering finishing school for industries and academic avenues” for designers and analysts. These courses are designed and arranged to address the needs of contemporary industries of mechanical sciences. Quality and value matrix are designed to ensure that course is relevant and useful to Learners undergoing engineering graduation, researchers and practitioners (engineers and engineering faculties). We receive knowledge input from both academic and industry veterans via continuous interactions.
This is strongly coupled by pedagogical research-built courses that comply to international standards.

Our Philosophy

Fostered philosophy of Innovent is to build the thinking skills which helps prevent a problem rather than solving it. The conviction that characterizes our courses, evaluation and webinars is the ‘physics driven thinking’ that is key to designers and analysts irrespective of the commodity, be it a gas-turbine or a bicycle


We at Innovent, grasping the need for basic math culture for simulation-based engineering design and analysis, have authored a comprehensive book that addresses the mathematical needs and mathematical modelling in structural design situations. This go-to resource would accompany the course as a course reference guide.

Unique feature

The unique feature of this learning platform is that every learner via evaluation would generate statistics for all identified critical traits mapped against Industry benchmark. All potential recruiters could access the processed statistics where selection/recruitment becomes an off-the-shelf process.


Innovent believes in bridging the learning gap between industry and academia. Hence, to address the growing application of digital twin technology and industrial internet plans, we wish to soon launch the following courses: Electromagnetics, control engineering and mechatronics fluid statics and dynamics thermodynamics and heat transfer

Innovent is the first in the country to develop such a comprehensive engineering program on ‘Holistic engineering finishing school for industries and academic avenues’. We have contributed to the quality packs of sector skill council for specific job roles (aero structures, aero dynamics and propulsion systems) at OEM’s and research labs.

We believe that continuous interaction with the community helps us do things better and hence evolve with better learning methods. For further queries or suggestions, please write to us at : [email protected]


Important testimonials for Simulation and engineering programs
  • On our ANSYS tool training
    “This is to appreciate that INNOVENT team had rendered excellent service by walking an extra mile.. The feedback received from the participants is very good and they all had rated them as 10 out of 10..Personally I had gone through the curriculum which went very well in an organized/planned manner. I appreciate your effort and time for the same. Good job guys keep it up-!! “

    Infotech-enterprises, Hyderabad
  • On our Engineering Critical Thinking Book
    “This book is a great book and it gives a lot of information on how to generate the CRITICAL ENGG THINKING in students. I have a copy of the book and I feel that every engg college and people teaching design or for that matter any engg. subject should have this book .It gives a lot of practical aspects of basic aspects of engg important for design. Shall be happy if people working in Pune university syllabus refer this book in some way or the other.”

    Consultant (CAE), Pune
  • On NAFEMS CAE Certification program
    “The training materials are fascinating and very illuminating. The quality is indeed exceptionally high, and NAFEMS can be very proud to be associated with INNOVENT “

  • On our Corporate ECT (Engineering Critical Thinking) Program About the Training
    The level and nature of training was exceptional with concrete exercise/examples and excellent analysis. The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas on to the table, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge coupled with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Also would like to highlight, that time management was excellent – sessions and days were not too long, as often happens in these sort of workshops. There were lot of content, so lots of food for thought! I recommend this training to all Mechanical Engineers interested in seeing real progress in their engineering profession. All FE analysts would certainly benefit from this training. As the title suggests ‘Engineering Critical Thinking’ is a unique course designed to develop engineering skill with versatility, a feature that companies like HCL look for in every designer

    C CAE CoE MAAI HCL Technologies Ltd
  • On our Corporate ECT (Engineering Critical Thinking) Program About the Trainer
    Content and presentation by the trainer was consistently of high quality and engaging. Moreover, each session provided an excellent overview of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging the team to clarify and come up with own answers. We feel that all the techniques / methods used, the audio visuals/PowerPoint were extremely good. At no point of time we felt that the training was “lengthy” or “dragging on”. Even after scheduled breaks, we could witness lot of energy and enthusiasm. Team felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations, with full attention during entire three days of the workshop. I once again thank on behalf of HCLT and look forward for your continued association with us.

    C CAE CoE MAAI HCL Technologies Ltd
  • On our ECT program for Academia in association with ANSYS-India
    Feedback from an Ex-DRDO scientist at the valedictory function of the Workshop on “Engineering Critical Thinking” at Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore. One look at the final presentation at the workshop and flipping through the booklet meant for the attendees convinced me that the contents of the workshop transmitted the best of engineering wisdom gathered over years of addressing intricate engineering assignments. The case studies presented – taken from real life problems must have challenged the top engineering minds while solving them. I am sure this workshop should have given a good peep to the participants, on what real-world engineering is all about, at globally respected design departments. Passing on such invaluable knowledge should not be confined to just the student community but also to young and experienced working professionals engaged in serious design. Our best wishes to M/s Innovent for having thought of such a great concept.

    Tech Head, Education Products, Iiensys Technologies, Coimbatore
  • On our Aero-structures training program
    “INNOVENT has offered us an unique and well-crafted bridge between academic concepts and Industrial application, leading to increased knowledge and hence better motivation for engineers

    SAFRAN Engineering Services (SAFRAN Group), Bangalore
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