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Who should take this course?

Any aspiring engineer willing to pursue the role of a designer or research analyst.
The course could be purchased by the individuals with an engineering degree in mechanical sciences or those who have enrolled/pursuing the same or companies for their engineers or universities for their students.

What are the criteria or background I need to subscribe to the courses?

Anyone with a science background who’s either pursuing or graduated from the field of engineering.

What courses are available?

Right now, a job-oriented course on ‘structural mechanics for designers and analysts’ is available. Click here to know more

Does the e-book come with the course?

Yes, it comes with the course.

Could I purchase the e-book separately?

Yes, you could purchase the book separately. A hard copy would also be available.

What do the courses cover?

The course covers all relevant material on structural mechanics, split into 7 modules in learning phase 1, i.e “Free body diagram, rigid body dynamics, bending moment and shear force diagrams, stress analysis, stiffness and buckling, free vibrations, finite element method.” There’s an e-book (PDF) that also comes with the course.

Could separate modules or videos be purchased?

No, the entire course needs to be purchased.

Are more courses being uploaded?

Yes, more courses are being uploaded. Please stay updated on the website.

Will a user without a science background be able to take this course?

No, it wouldn’t be relevant for a user to take this course without a science background.

Will I get a job after passing the course?

This course is designed to enhance employability through application driven learning relevant to aero and auto industries. This is not a job assured course.

Are there tests and quizzes in this course?

Yes, there are both ungraded (for practice) and graded assessments or tests.

Is the course free?

No, the course is not free.

What are learning phases 1 to 4?

Why webinars on simulation are designed?

Today all commercial softwares are user friendly, hence simulation could be self-taught. However our webinars emphasize on best practices, result interpretation and special instructions relevant to designers and analysts.

Why webinars on physics are designed?

These focus on advanced situations or applications fully relevant to product line. It tests the physics in context of engineering design.

How long is the purchase process?

For individuals within a maximum period of five days of purchase full course access is provided. However, for bulk users a minimum period of 10 days is taken to provide full course access.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, a certificate of completion with NASSCOM’s seal/sign will be provided.

Does the package cover all learning phases, or should I buy them individually?

The package “Structural Mechanics for Designers’ and Analysts’” covers all learning phases.

Does the course help with engineering grades in semesters?

This course is designed to complement the engineering curriculum with the industry flavor to enhance job readiness.

Is this a money-back-job-guarantee course?

No, however, all modules in the course are designed for job specific roles benchmarked by various industries.

Do I require fast internet to stream the videos in the course?

Yes, medium to fast internet is required for streaming without buffer.

Will I be able to access the course offline?

No, the course cannot be accessed offline

How do I make the payment?

Payment can be made through credit/debit card, net banking, payTM.

How do I subscribe to the course?

You would have to first register (*provide link*) here and then purchase your course.

How do I log in/register?

Kindly click on the link *insert link* to register.

Is there a time limit to complete the course or do I get lifetime access?

Universities could purchase the course for a 3-year duration. Individuals get a 1-year license for this course. However, the license could be extended by 6 months by paying a subscription fee. (Attach link to fee structure)

What is course duration?

Course could be taken over a period of four years incepting from 1st year. However, engineers in the final year or practicing engineers or research scholars could finish the entire course in a minimum period of six months and take certification tests. Competency bench marking and design proficiency tests must be passed.

Who is eligible for a discount?

Only bulk purchases of 50 and above users get a 15% discount on the entire purchase. However, every 2 referrals would mean 5% cash back up to a maximum discount of 30%.

How is the process of certification?

Competency bench marking and Gamified assessments are taken for subject proficiency. Each user is given a percentile based on pan India performance. Score calculation would be printed on the back side of the certificate. However, the final exam on design is conducted to issue certificate on design proficiency. This test could be taken by the those in the final year or engineers with a valid degree in mechanical sciences. The certificate would mention if the user has qualified or not and does not mention the percentile. Two attempts are provided for certification and a minimum qualification criterion is stipulated.

Why must i buy this course when other tutorials are available online?

The entire course on structural mechanics for designers and analysts, comprising of 4 learning phases, outlooks a wholesome journey with a detailed regard and recall for engineering fundamentals. Every single portion in the syllabus is designed for a job specific role complying to industry research standards, wherein, on completion you will receive a certificate authorized and certified by NASSCOM/NSDC. There are different levels of assessments that will help you reassess and at the same time test you right from fundamental to research level. All lecture videos in the course come with engaging visuals comprising of 2D/ 3D animations for in depth and real time understanding. It also consists of appropriate live lectures (phase 2), simulation tutorials (phase 3) using real time tools and business process requirements (phase 4) to completely prepare you for the role. Owning this course would help you avoid the tiresome and mindless hassle of perusing the internet for byte sized tutorials, wherein learning becomes slipshod, non-specific and unwholesome.


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