Final Evaluation

Our LRS system is unique not just in performance metrics and course attendance sheet but has several layers to facilitate various users.

  • A candidate could see their absolute and relative performance
  • Grade summary and definition, overall grade definition
  • All India position, attempt and score history
  • The candidates also see the selection criteria of potential recruiters
  • A professor would have a devoted window for the university
  • Enabled to track attendance of their students
  • A recruiter not only gets the detailed metrics of the top performers from pan India but also their resumes with detailed academic performance history which makes the selection process a straight forward affair.

Trait mapping (Advanced Course)

The trait mapping is crucial from the recruiter’s perspective. As an example, researchers need powerful visualisation (spatial, mechanical and abstract) and critical thinking to investigate the unobvious. An OEM designer needs feel for numbers and engineering judgement for making design based decisions, say, in a risk-review before a detailed investigation.

Hence we evaluate the following

  • Visualisation
  • Designer's aptitude (Feel for numbers and judgement)
  • Engineering critical thinking

Trait mapping (Basic Course)

This is extremely important to ensure that the course intention is achieved in it’s entirety and every concept is tested for all possible facets.

We test physics concepts at 4 levels

  • Understanding
  • Application
  • Analytical ability
  • Critical thinking
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