Industry relevance

This is extremely useful be it a civil structure (bridge), a mechanical structure (a lathe) or an aerostructure (fuselage). The BMD and SFD are used to assess stress, deflection and stiffness. If the bending loads are variable, then it causes fatigue. The BMD is also useful in Rotor dynamics such as matching slopes and deflections at the interface of a multi rotor systems. The BMD and SFD is also used in locally stiffening structure.

Example : No of rivets in a shear clip to avoid out of plane bending

Learning outcomes
Treated with calculus, vector algebra and trigonometry
  •   Ability to identify the loads and nature of stress caused by them.
  •   Ability to draw the BMD and SFD for concentrated, inclined, uniformly varying and Varying distributed loads.
  •   Detailed appreciation for statically indeterminant beams.
  •   Ability to determine the slopes and deflections for beams with generalized loading.
  •   Appreciation for role of transverse shear stress, shear correction factor and phenomenon of end slip in composite beams.

Course Content - Delivered Via Bloom’s Taxonomy

Module Introduction

  • Introduction


  • Vectorial representation of moment
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)
  • Radius of curvature
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)


  • Area moment of inertia
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)
  • Relationship between bending moment and shear force
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)
  • Drawing BMD & SFD
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)

Gamified Assessments

  • 4 Interactive Situations


  • Mini Case-study 1 – Ladder Analysis
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)
  • Mini Case-Study 2 – Shear clip Analysis
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)


  • Analyzing rules of SFD & BMD


  • Mega Case-Study – Aircraft wing Analysis
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)


  • Mega Case-Study – Automotive Chassis Analysis
    • Objective assessment (Fact Check)

Detailed Mock Interview Situations

  • 7 Fully solved Mock interview situations relevant to Aero and Auto Industries

Summative Assessment

  • Summative Assessment

Course Features
Lectures : 23
Quizzes : yes
Language : English
Assessments : yes
Certificate of Completion : yes
Total time : 02: 27: 03
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