Engineering Process & Documentation

Engineering Process & Documentation

Industry relevance

A detailed process familiarity on all facets critical to the designer and analyst role. This module is designed to provide a detailed understanding on the workflow, handling data, interaction with team and external communication, interactions with experts, knowledge management, component standardization, and continuous focus on improvement of process and self competency. This is in line with NASSCOM competency definion SSC/ Q 4401/NSQF level7

Learning outcomes
  •  Methods of data sharing
  •  Exposure to quality management systems
  •  Best practices on
    • Validation
    • Inter and intra team communication.
    • Health and safety
    • Knowledgement
    • Knowledge management

Course Content

Knowledge sharing

  • Knowledge sharing

Mechanical design validation

  • Mechanical design validation

Manage your work to meet requirements

  • Manage your work to meet requirements

Work effectively with colleagues

  • Work effectively with colleagues

Working environment

  • Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment


  • Provide data/information in standard formats

Develop your knowledge

  • Develop your knowledge, skills and competence

Course Features
Lectures : 7 pre-recorded webinars
Quizzes : yes
Language : English
Assessments : yes
Certificate of Completion : yes
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