Stiffness and Buckling

Stiffness and Buckling

Industry relevance

The buckling margin is one of the fundamental margins of safety. The buckling is a concern not just for structural elements in compression, the shafts subjected to the shock loading and thermal stresses. The buckling margin also must be traded with vibration and deflection requirements as these also depend on the stiffness. Understanding joint stiffness is key to ensuring integrity and for calculations of bolt load in situations such as external loading, pre-loading ( including unconfined gasket joints), thermal loading etc. Concept of strain energy is a concept used for static trimming of components, to analyze the indeterminant structures and even to understand and predict fracture mechanics.

Example : Joint analysis for various material combinations.

Learning outcomes
Treated with calculus and trigonometry
  •   Learning outcomes (Treated with calculus and trigonometry)
  •   Appreciation for detailed applications of strain energy
  •   Ability to quantify the beam buckling capacity of various shapes and composite sections
  •   Ability to analyze the bolted joint for various material combinations and boundary conditions

Course Content - Delivered Via Bloom’s Taxonomy

Course Features
Lectures : 20
Quizzes : yes
Language : English
Assessments : yes
Certificate of Completion : yes
Total time : 01: 06: 15
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