Contemporary structural engineering design practices


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Course duration : 12 months.
Certification process : Based on sum total of all evaluations however greater weightage is given to advanced evaluations.

Product Definitions – Key Takeaways :

  • • 7 Design case-studies
  • • 7 Engineering hand calculations
  • • 34 Video Lectures on Stuctural design & Best Practices
  • • Essentials of Manufacture
  • • 2 GOTO text books.
    • 1) Fundamentals of Stress and Vibration
    • 2) Engineering Critical Thinking for product development

Become an expert and learn advanced skills in component design. In-house pedagogies are adopted to empower core engineering aspirants with best learning practices.

What course intends to achieve?

This program is designed to inculcate the advanced skills in component design. Further, in-house pedagogies are adopted to empower young learners with the best learning practices. The course highlight is the discussion of several actual product level situations.

  • Qualify loads as significant
    • Conceive unobvious failures
    • Carry out engineering hand calculations\
    • Make risk assessment for the design
    • Use design
  • Participate in risk and FMEA review
  • Interpret and use Campbell diagram, interference diagram and basic life calculations
  • Conceive scope for optimisation
  • Understand off design failures, not only strength but reliability and performance failures
  • Appreciate the need and method of sensitivity analysis
  • Appreciate the material selection challenges
  • Take part in failure investigation
  • From concept sketching to component drawing (including assembly challenges)
  • Introduction to design process and documentation


Design tests are designed to check the designer’s aptitude without resorting to calculations. Here focus is design failures and component interaction

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Contemporary Structural Engineering Design Practices

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This module fundamentally focusses on various aspects of engineering design namely, design process, design space, material selection, loads, obvious and unobvious…

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