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Graduate finishing school

  • The course is designed to build strong physics and math’s culture for higher academic pursuits and engineering innovation
  • The course helps engineers to inculcate critical thinking and spontaneity which is fundamental for competitive exams and research interviews
  • The curriculum followed is similar to a 4-year undergraduate course in mechanical engineering plus advanced concepts from senior graduate course in mechanical engineering

Holistic GATE preparation (including mathematics and aptitude).

What does the course intend to achieve?

This is designed to build spontaneity and critical thinking in young minds. It covers the curriculum of GATE ME as per latest official curriculum, comprehensively. It exploits the intent of GATE (aptitude check), builds spontaneous thinking skills. It also:

  • Develops scientific methods to complete the paper within specified time limit (Pen-less methods and scientific short cuts).
  • Correlates maths to practical engineering applications with a detailed purpose definition.
  • Unravels the design intent behind questions.
  • Maps every technical concept to product development.
  • Details audio compendium which is provided for each subject.


10 evaluations that are at par with GATE, out of which 8 are technical and 2 are for mathematics modules with 500 plus objectives.
2 Mock GATE tests mimicking GATE entirely with scientifically conceived expected questions as per latest trend and curriculum.

Higher order thinking and research aptitude.(Mapped to product design)

What does the course intend to achieve?

  • Demonstrates applications in critical product situations that are basis for research interviews.
  • Empower young engineers with the ability to apply mathematics to product and advanced physics situations and further generalise application across disciplines. (Tensor transformation is not limited to inertia or stiffness tensor but could be extended to computer vision)
  • To rigorously introduce the culture of mathematical modelling (1D models)
  • To inculcate the ability to carry out advanced engineering hand calculations
  • Bring in those aspects of manufacture and assembly not exposed in conventional academics, be it surface engineering, heat treatment, tolerance stackup, which are critical to appreciate from a product performance perspective.
  • Discuss examples of product that are characterised by Multiphysics ( integrated case studies)


10 evaluations that are at par with GATE, out of which 8 are technical and 2 are for mathematics modules with 300 plus objectives.

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Graduate Finishing School


This short discussion helps you appreciate that every mathematical idea must have a physical basis. We most effectively demonstrate how tensor transformation is used physically appreciate principal quantities which are eigen values and vectors.

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