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M2 with Pre-requisites


Engineering Mathematics 2: Aligned to VTU

We take immense pleasure in presenting the First in Class “M2 with pre-requisites” program in accordance with the latest VTU syllabi – “22MAT21”.

Coming Soon!

We are aligning our UG engineering mathematics courses in line with the academic calendar of VTU. The courses will be deployed well ahead of the academic calendar. Stay tuned for the updates.


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This program is developed and delivered by core engineers with 15+ years of experience in teaching, research, and product development, to provide a wholesome “PRACTICAL” learning experience, with emphasis on Purpose definition and Scientific reasoning!

This program is developed, keeping in mind, all types of learners, making it lively, practical, and easy to understand and apply.

This program is accompanied by a Holistic lecture series on the “Pre-requisites” for Engineering Mathematics 1, making the transition from high school/college to UG Engineering a BREEZE!!

Key highlights/differentiators of this program!

Be the first of many to experience Pedagogical innovations in Engineering mathematics!!

  • Graphs, animations, and images for enhanced concept visualization!!
  • Automated XLS’s for concept testing and verification!!
  • Concept simplification, jogging and memory structure!!
  • Unravelling the Examiner’s mind!!
  • Engineering mapping of critical concepts for current application!!
  • Holistic summary of Engineering facts and tricks!!
  • Critical thinking challenges for aspirational engineers!!
  • And many more…!!


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