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Course duration : Flexible but minimum recommended is 18 months
Certification process : Based on sum total of all evaluations however greater weightage is given to advanced evaluations


What it tends to achieve?

The combination of proficiency with contemporary structural design practices makes it a perfect combination of design literacy and real time design competencies. The candidate who finishes proficiency would have perfect familiarity with every facet of component design

The advanced discussions on :

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Probabilistic design
  • Reliability analysis
  • Special situations : Plasticity based burst margin analysis
  • Material selection
  • Unobvious failure modes
  • Lifing approaches
  • Best practices

All are naturally absorbed and engineers inculcate a real time designer and analyst level of thinking.


Both Proficiency Certification Course and Contemporary Structural Engineering Design Practices programs are applicable to master certification course.

Explore Course Snippets

1. Proficiency in Stress, Vibration and Simulation

Contemporary Structural Engineering Design Practices

Final Assessment

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The stress margin is one of the fundamental margins for a structure, which also goes to determine the fatigue life / damage tolerance

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