Learning Innovation

Our Pedagogy

Value Analysis

Evaluation and Assessments

Course takeaways

  • Build strong physics fundamentals that helps you mathematically model systems in one dimension
  • Critical thinking for problem solving
  • Feel for numbers relevant to learning
  • Every learning is mapped to product design and unobvious engineering failures
  • Learning measurement is given utmost importance and many levels of evaluation are designed including GAMES
  • Simulation culture is a natural learning component in all our design courses
  • We build unique methods to achieve spontaneity best suited even to the most challenging competitive exams

Organic takeaways

Organic Traits Definition Solution
Critical thinking skills In product development, the boundary conditions, materials,
loads, operating envelope pose serious challenge to creating
reliable design. This warrants for streamlined critical
thinking to identify unobvious facets.
Case studies on component interaction and unobvious component
failures apart from strength and structural failures are used to
build critical thinking
Modelling aptitude In order to understand system/component behaviour and  analytical
relationship is needed
Many engineering situations are first idealised and basic
physics is applied to develop 1D models

Engineering visualisation

  • Spatial
  • Application
  • Abstract
  • Mathematical
Be it geometric tolerances, load path or complex stress pattern,
all demand powerful visualization
The following are used to achieve visualisation in it’s

  • Mechanisms
  • Load path
  • Tolerance stackup
Creativity and innovation In new product introduction (NPI), many components change the
architecture radically
Concept sketching situations are used to instill creative thinking
Engineering communication Generally, an organizational hierarchy, that is multicultural, demands
efficient engineering communication coupled with behavioural etiquettes
This is achieved via discussion of industry situations and
examples of technical ppts, engineering reports
and typical component drawings
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